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Nonfiction Editors


Cézanne Rahner, typically pronounced SAY-ZON (or Tezvon and Seizen according to local Starbucks Baristas) is a Political Science major who dreams of ruling the nation and replacing the United States Constitution with a copy of Harry Potter. She is from the magnificent New York City, and spends her time divided between an apartment in Queens and a rural art ranch in the outskirts of Tucson.

Chase Frank is an English Major, with emphases in Rhetoric and Creative Writing, and a lifelong story lover. Books, comics, cartoons, television shows, movies, manga, anything with a story becomes a subject of adoration. Therefore it is not surprising that he finds himself here on the staff of The Tunnels, working to promote the hard work of his fellow storytellers.

Hannah Ashburn is an English major with interests in linguistics, creative writing, and psychology. It just so happens that she is on the event planning team for The Tunnels too! Hannah has a strong curiosity for writing everything from books to poetry. Hannah takes much delight in caring for her three cats and five dogs back at home in Prescott Valley. As a result, she has spent quite some time volunteering at the humane society in Prescott. In her free time, Hannah really enjoys the luxurious life of running, watching cartoons, listening to music, daydreaming, and devouring dark chocolate. Hannah wouldn’t say no to a long nap either.

Karli is a Strategic Communications Major with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in English. Karli is interested in all types of writing involving the public and media, and looks to expand her writing experience while working on The Tunnels team. She is currently working on the event planning team helping to promote the word of The Tunnels. Karli’s hobbies include running, weight lifting, listening to music, and enjoying a great drink at Mayor.

Currently a junior at Northern Arizona University, Margarita Cruz is working towards a B.A in English, a B.S in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English, certificates in Literature and Creative Writing, and a minor in French. When she's not working on school projects and her receptionist jobs, she spends her time writing, reading, and slightly obsessing over the internet sensation Pusheen. She aspires to become a published author and will be pursuing further education once she graduates NAU.

Michaela El-Ters is a Visual Communications major with an English minor. She loves writing blogs and stories in her spare time when she isn’t obsessing over video games or anime. After graduating, Michaela hopes to use her design knowledge to assist publishing or magazine companies. And if the design gig doesn’t work out, she’s content to spend her days writing about the things she adores too. She works as a designer and blog writer for the The Tunnels magazine.


Creative Nonfiction Editors

Ashley DeWitt is an English and Psychology major at NAU with a minor in Japanese. Though a military brat with no real hometown, she plans to forever keep her 336 phone number from North Carolina. Her hobbies include creative writing, video games, piano, animals, scary movies, and watching Dr. Phil highlight clips on YouTube. The ideal future for Ashley includes a dog and a quiet house approximately thirty minutes from the nearest mall. Her favorite food is phở.

Kaura Grande is an English major with a certificate in creative writing at Northern Arizona University. She is expected to graduate in May 2017. She moved from the beautiful coast of Southern California to the snowy mountains of Flagstaff. She is a firm believer that everyone has a good story inside them, they just need to figure out how to write it.

Maggie Hutchings is a senior at NAU majoring in English with emphases in Rhetoric and Creative Writing and a minor in Theater. Maggie is originally from Texas and loves tennis, rock climbing, and water sports. Above all Maggie enjoys reading and writing, and the ways and means that just 26 letters can be infinitely rearranged to touch people’s lives.

Hailing from a beach town in California, Scott Buffon has made his way to Northern Arizona University to study the craft of storytelling. Taking the form of an English major and Journalism minor, he works with the soliciting team at The Tunnels and at The Lumberjack newspaper as the Editor-in-Chief. While most comfortable with the written word, he loves experimenting with new mediums. Also, he has two turtles named Big Mike and Donny. Follow him on twitter @scottbuffon

Poetry Editors


Daniel Branscome is a Senior who is majoring in Creative Media and Film focusing on Screenwriting. He also is an English Minor focusing on Creative Writing. Having always had a love of storytelling since he was a child, he has written several short stories and scripts in his time here at NAU, and has collaborated with several film projects. He spends his free time writing fiction, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and watching movies.

Jordan Kloeckner is an editor for The Tunnels, and she is a part of the website’s design team. She is currently majoring in English and in Visual Communication with focuses on Creative Writing and Graphic Design. She hopes to work in book design and doodle some cool logos here and there. She often divides her time between forcing her grumpy cat, Charming, to show affection and binge-watching a season at a time on Netflix (currently: Buffy the Vampire Slayer). She lives on coffee and orange juice, and has an unnecessary love for salsa and avocado on her toast.

Katlyn Coveney is an English major with a certificate in literature. She spends her free time making homemade crock-pot meals for her dog, Wrigley, reading, and spending time outdoors. After graduation Katlyn plans on teaching English as a second language, and freelancing for any news publication that will accept her work.

Kathryn Abbe is an English Major with an emphasis in creative writing. Stories, whether told through page, hard drive, or visual means, will always be at the forefront of her mind. She knows just how ardently art can touch someone and she hopes to weave tales that encourage and help others feel like, no matter how dark the night, there are always stars lighting the way.

Lauren Boehmer is an English major and Studio Art minor pursuing certificates in creative writing and literature. She was born in Southern California an hour away from anything interesting and has a great interest in old British literature. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, working out, and planning vacations around the world that she can’t afford.

Fiction Editors


Amy Owings is a senior majoring in English and minoring in journalism. After graduating she hopes to work for a magazine or a publishing company while writing novels on the side. She’s an intern for a small press publisher called Dreaming Big Publications and occasionally writes freelance articles for publications like the Arizona Daily Sun. When Amy isn’t writing she’s typically baking cupcakes or forcing other people to look at pictures of her cats.

Caitlin “Cat” Wolf is a senior at Northern Arizona University graduating with degree in English in May. She is originally from the Seattle area and is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.  Her hobbies include napping with her cat, making politically charged Facebook posts, frequenting petting zoos and eating caprese salads.  After graduation she hopes to eventually become a published YA writer and own a plethora of rescued cats.

Olivia Marchus is currently a senior at NAU. Right now she is reading and writing fantasy novels in her free time. She hopes to work for a large publishing company, as well as to become a world famous author one day.

Sabrina Ariel Delgado is an English and Psychology major scheduled to graduate in May of 2017. She aspires to become a published author, and has experience in editing in an academic setting. Outside of school, Sabrina spends a majority of her time reading, writing, and keeping up with her favorite shows. Her cat, Greg, occasionally joins in on these activities.

Tanya Gauthier is an English major with a certificate in creative writing, and is planning on graduating in December 2017. She enjoys writing and reading fiction, especially fantasy. When not doing that, she’s usually chilling with her pets or watching anime.

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