meet the team


kAREN J. Renner

Karen teaches American literature and popular culture at Northern Arizona University, specializing in horror. Her book, Evil Children in the Popular Imagination, was published in 2016, and she is currently writing a follow-up titled Killer Kids: Juvenile Homicide in US Popular Culture. She has also published articles on masculinity in ghost-hunting “reality” television, the appeal of the apocalypse, and American Horror Story.


Bailey erwin

Bailey is a senior at NAU and will soon graduate with an English and a Spanish major, a Latin American Studies minor, and two certificates--one in Literature and one in Rhetoric. Bailey will attend Northern Arizona University’s Secondary English Education graduate program in the coming fall and is excited to find more opportunities to learn.



monica Liddle 

Monica is graduating this spring with a degree in English, a minor in Criminal Justice and Criminology, and certificates in Literature and Rhetoric. She will be continuing her education at NAU this coming fall for her Master's in English Secondary Education. In her free time, she reads, drinks way too much tea, kayaks, and spends time with her two puppies, Scout and Jem.




karla Habbershaw

Karla is a junior, graduating in spring 2020. She is an English major with a certificate in Creative Writing, and she is minoring in Communication Studies. In addition to her studies, Karla works at the NAU Art Museum on campus in Old Main.



TIM Johnson

Tim is graduating in Spring 2019 with degrees in Physics and English, which he combines by writing science fiction and science fantasy. This fall, he is attending graduate school for Medical Physics.


jacob metz

Jacob is a junior majoring in English with a focus in Creative Writing. In his free time, he procrastinates writing his young adult fantasy series (much to the exasperation of his best friend and editor) by running Dungeons & Dragons games, paintballing, and stressing out about other things he’s put off until the last minute. Whoops.


james o'leary

James (they/them) is a graduating senior from Scottsdale, majoring in English and double-minoring in French and Queer Studies. Besides being a poet and fiction writer, James spends their time having far too many hobbies and far too little coffee. Their future plans are to pursue an MFA and publish work in multiple disciplines.


Luke Rabon

Luke is a senior graduating in the 2019 spring semester. He is an English major working on a Bachelor’s degree. He hopes to work in the publishing industry in the future.



rachel Callison

Rachel is a senior, graduating in the Fall of 2019 with a BA in English, a Certificate in Creative Writing, and a minor in Theatre. She comes from Phoenix, specifically Surprise if you know where that is. She likes collecting rocks and taking photos in her free time, and she hopes to be a published author one day.


jorden Cowart

Jorden is graduating from Northern Arizona University in Spring 2019 with a degree in English with a certificate in Creative Writing. Originally she is from Southern California and after graduation, she would like to travel the state. She enjoys writing poetry in her free time and creating new worlds for her novels. When she’s not immersed in the worlds she builds, Jorden can often be found reading a book or hanging out with friends.


sedona Rannells

Sedona, an Arizona native, is a senior studying English at NAU. Creative Writing is her passion, as are dogs. She hopes to one day publish novels and retire on the beaches of Oregon.


chloe Smith

Chloe is a senior about to graduate with a degree in English and a minor in Studio Art. She is a Southern California native, and in her free-time she enjoys swimming, hanging with her dog, and reading way too many books. Her plan is to pursue a Master’s degree in Creative Marketing and to work for a publication house or magazine in the future.


silvia Zheng

Sylvia is a super senior in college, who comes from Beijing, China, majoring in English with a minor in Photography. She is a visual arts lover and takes pictures all the time. She loves taking portraits while listening to people talk about their stories (she actually took the ones featured on this staff page), but she finds beauty of all kinds through the camera lens. She is applying for a summer residency program in NYC and hopes to encounter all kinds of interesting people there once she graduates.



kelsey coelho

Kelsey is a junior, who is majoring in Criminology with a minor in English and Psychology. In her free time, she typically reads whatever kinds of books she can get her hands on. The only type of genre she does not like is romance. Once she graduates college, she hopes to go into law school and also get one of her books published. She hopes one day one of her books becomes a bestseller.


andrea gollwitzer

Andrea is completing her senior year and will be graduating with a degree in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, following up with a minor in English. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Andrea finds any excuse to be outside camping or on the road traveling. Andrea loves working in the field of communication and hopes to one day perform public relations for a company she’s passionate about.


Kimberly jarchow

Kimberly is a senior finishing two degrees in English and Strategic Communication. She is from Las Vegas and Phoenix, and in her free time she enjoys going to literary events and playing with her cats. She hopes to attend law school in the fall.



shea braca

Shea is a senior, graduating in May with a Bachelor’s in English and certificates in Creative Writing and Literature. She is from Orange County, California, and because of this she loves the beach and is a huge Disney nerd. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with her friends, and working on her creative writing. After college, Shea plans on moving back to California and going to school to get her teaching credentials in hopes of becoming a middle school teacher.



Kristina is a graduating senior, working towards an English degree. She would like to pursue work for a nonprofit organization that specializes in human rights advocacy or environmental conservation, but she's not quite sure in what capacity. She spends a lot of time binging Chef’s Table on Netflix, and when she's not freaking out over her future, she's making travel plans and thinking about her wonderful pups (Jacob and Joey).  


ALLY Hilbert

Ally Hilbert is currently a senior at NAU graduating in May with her BA in English. She is working as a freelance writer, attempting to start her career as an established writer. After May rolls around, she will be moving to Vancouver, WA, where she will continue to read and
write—probably way too much.


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