Meet Your Editors!

Andy Bernal

Fiction, Copyeditor

Andrea is an English major graduating in the spring of 2018. In her free time she enjoys rock climbing, drawing, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Bekah Lightner

Academic nonfiction, Design Team

At Northern Arizona University, Bekah is an English Major with certificates in Literature and Creative Writing. She's also nearly done with a TESOL Certificate that will allow her to teach her favorite subject abroad. Videogame narrative and Shakespeare are her passions. 

Keep in touch: @IdesOfBekah

Brianna Fields

Academic Nonfiction, Social Media

Brianna is a senior strategic communications major who just finished a year abroad in Japan. She doesn't have a favorite book but likes science fiction and literature. Being from Seattle, Brianna is a self-professed hipster. She likes coffee, craft beer and indie music, which you've probable never heard of (but seriously you probably haven't). And her only party trick is saying thank you in ten languages.

ellie foster

Academic nonfiction, copyeditor

Ellie Foster is a senior majoring in English with a business minor, and she hopes to one day have her own local bookstore or publishing company. Her passion is studying literature, and she dreams of adding her own published book to her bookshelf in the future. When she isn’t writing or reading, she loves knitting and playing (or failing at) video games.

Keep in touch:

Emma Haggerty

Poetry Editor, Social media team

Emma Haggerty is earning her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Anthropology and a Certificate in Creative Writing this Fall of 2017.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, writing and swimming.  So far she has lived in Arizona, New Jersey, Connecticut, England, and Germany.  After graduating, she plans to earn her TEFL Certificate to teach English abroad.  Her biggest dream is to publish a novel.

Keep in touch: @emmaaah895

Jack Spicer

Creative Nonfiction, Design team

Jack Spicer is a cheeseburger in paradise. He is finishing off his last semester at NAU. You can find him skiing the trees on powder days and outside whenever it is sunny. He takes academics seriously but also realizes that there are more things to see and do then the pages of a textbook. 

Keep in touch: @jackspiceee

Jamie Gee

academic nonfiction editor, copyeditor

Jamie Gee is an English major, emphasizing in Creative Writing, as well as a Japanese minor. She was born and raised in Hawaii before moving to Arizona only 7 years ago. She enjoys reading novels, comics, and manga. Her obsessions include K-pop and anime, to name a few. She's a fiction writer, often gravitating towards genre fiction, and often writes poetry. She aspires to be a scriptwriter for Funimation, though being a published author is another dream of hers. 

Jordan Kloeckner
Creative Nonfiction, Design

Jordan Kloeckner is an editor for The Tunnels, and she is a part of the website’s design team. She is currently majoring in English and in Visual Communication with focuses on Creative Writing and Graphic Design. She hopes to work in book design and doodle some cool logos here and there. Her time is divided between forcing affection from her grumpy cat Charming, protecting her toes from fierce hunter kitten Dandy, and binge-watching a season at a time on Netflix (currently: Charmed). She lives on coffee and has an unnecessary love for salsa and avocado on her toast.

Kaitlin olson

creative nonfiction, copyeditor

Kaitlin Olson is an English major with certificates in Linguistics and Literature and a minor in Spanish. She is a member of the Copyediting and Creative Nonfiction teams for The Tunnels. In her rare bits of free time, she enjoys daydreaming, reading, playing clarinet, making elaborate Pinterest boards, and binge-watching sitcoms, docudramas, and Harry Potter marathons. After graduating from NAU, she aspires to enter the world of editing and publishing in order to help writers’ dreams come true.  

Laura Jamieson

Fiction Editor, Managing editor

Laura is studying abroad in Flagstaff and comes from Buckinghamshire, England. She hopes to be a successful author one day and enjoys writing children's fantasy and adult horror literature. Outside of studying, she works for the Quidditch Premier League, helping coordinate nationally and internationally successful media campaigns. When she isn't working, Laura enjoys volunteering, travelling, trying new American foods, and playing for NAU's quidditch team.  

Lizzi Nichols

Fiction, Managing Editor

Lizzi Nichols is a junior English major. She plans to start a career in Editing and Publishing when graduates. She is originally from Pennsylvania, and is a huge nerd when it comes to anything fiction and sci-fi related. Lizzi is also a proud Ravenclaw and loves to sing. She can almost always be found curled up on her couch, binging the latest seasons of all her favorite shows.

Madison Howard

Poetry Editor, Social Media Team

Mad Howard is a senior English major with an affinity for persona
poetry and chicken strips. She believes firmly in kindness and
compassion. When she isn't sleeping, she's probably reading, writing
poetry on her typewriter, playing guitar and singing, or watching
South Park. When not in her own head or writing her own work, she is
on the Poetry editing team and social media team at The Tunnels. She
hopes to read your work soon!

Morgan Cummins

Poetry Editor, Managing Editor

Morgan Cummins a.k.a. “Morgan from Oregon” is an English major at NAU with a certificate in creative writing. Morgan’s role model for being a writer is Jane Austen. When she is not exhausting herself at school or work, Morgan plays around with story and poetry, spends time with her family and friends, listens to her cd player when going places, dreams about the Oregon coast, hangs out with her InterVarsity people, obsesses over the show RWBY, and sleeps. Quite often.

Nick Kramer

Creative Nonfiction, Design

Nick Kramer is a junior at NAU majoring in English and Photography. He was born in an unknown place at an uncertain time. Some say his birth was marked by a total eclipse of the sun, others, that he was raised by a pack of feral raccoons. None of these things are true, except for all of them. His interests include; photography, hiking, existential crises’, human taxidermy and REDACTED. He has lived in 7 U.S. states, including Mexico. He first discovered he wanted to be a writer after he channeled the spirit of Jack Kerouac during an impromptu Ouija session while living in a van in New Orleans. After college, he plans to seek guidance from the great sky serpent by doing ayahuasca on a beach. Or possibly get a job in editing. If seen in public, do not approach. 

Orion Dressler

Poetry, Managing Editor

Orion Dressler is an undergraduate English student at NAU who splits their time between Flagstaff and Sedona, Arizona. Their poetry and fiction were featured in Young Authors of Arizona’s 2014 anthology Bloom, and they have previously been published in The Tunnels. They are currently a contributor for Fear the Fin, as well as an intern for both The Tunnels magazine and Waxwing magazine. 

Stephen Sandefur

Academic Nonfiction editor, copyeditor

Originating from a suburb of Phoenix called Glendale, Stephen Sandefur attends Northern Arizona University as a senior and English major.  While Stephen's ultimate passion is writing, you can also find him working out at the gym, being lazy in bed, playing video games at odd hours of the night, or flipping burgers at a local fast food chain. In the near future, Stephen hopes to be accepted into an MFA program where he can pursue his dream of becoming a college English professor and published author.

Tanya Gauthier

Fiction, Social Media

Tanya Gauthier is an English major with a certificate in creative writing, and will graduate this December 2017. She enjoys writing and reading fiction, especially fantasy. When not doing that, she’s usually chilling with her pets or watching anime.

Vanessa Kemper

Fiction, Social Media

Vanessa Kemper is an English Major/Spanish Minor at NAU. She is from Southern California and is extremely conflicted when it comes to choosing between the beach and the mountains, but any time outdoors is a good time to her. She is graduating this December and has absolutely no idea what she wants to do with her life, but she knows she wants to spend her free time surrounded by lots of dogs, in a hammock, reading a book.

Meet Your Editors-In-Chief!

Erin Stalcup

Erin Stalcup is the author of the story collection And Yet It Moves (Indiana University Press 2016), and the novel Every Living Species (Gold Wake Press 2017). Her fiction has appeared in The Kenyon ReviewThe SunMonkeybicycleH_NGM_N, and elsewhere, and her nonfiction was named a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2016. Erin holds an MFA from Warren Wilson’s Program for Writers, and has taught in community colleges, universities, liberal arts schools, and prisons in New York City, Appalachia, and Texas. Here at her alma mater, NAU, she teaches all level of fiction courses, as well as Editing and Publishing. Erin co-edits Waxwing (, and you can read some of her work at

Karen Renner

Karen Renner is the editor of a collection of essays in 2012 titled The ‘Evil Child’ in Literature, Film and Popular Culture (Routledge, 2013) and the author of Evil Children in the Popular Imagination (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). In her spare time, she also dabbles in photography, some of which you can see on her blog at

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