Baby's First Steps in Building a Business from Home

Imagine: You’re the boss. You call the shots. You determine your schedule, when, where, and how you work. You get to do what you love everyday. You only work 2-3 hours a day in between classes, lunch, waiting for the bus, and sitting in the bathroom stall, entirely from your phone. You make yourself a full-time income in a year or less, and by the time you graduate you’ve got a job that you created by hand. No sh*ts, no shams - organic hard work and badassery that’ll inevitably bloom into lifelong financial freedom. You got some patience, determination, coffee, and a dream? If so, you have everything you need to begin.

I established my health and wellness business through social media about two years ago, entirely from my bedroom floor. After breaking through some tough barriers within myself, conquering what I saw to be unconquerable (physically and mentally), and finally getting on somewhat stable ground independently after years of self-neglect, my only aspiration was to help others do the same in their own lives. Since taking initiative on this daydream, I have helped over 100+ people change their lives through holistic health, fitness, and mindset recovery and will be working entirely for myself, completely self-sufficient, by as latest as graduation day this May. Booyah!

I don’t share to brag or boast, but to show that regardless of the busyness and stress that college, homework, work, and/or extracurriculars unavoidably drowns us in - you can still be working towards that big daydream in between the chaos of life -- the one where you’re in complete control of your life: your finances, your schedule, your free time, your ability to travel, even your own raises -- the one that scares you to ever think about pursuing, but would - you feel - fulfill all areas of your life's purpose and have you jumping out of bed with your first alarm versus your second, third, fourth…

How though? How do we break through these barriers and evolve our daydreams into our daily? If you knew, you’d probably already be off doing it, right? Well, today’s the day. We start today. No more waiting until Monday or until the end of the semester or until some perfect time comes along, blah, blah, blah. The “right” time isn’t coming, honey. You got to, and get to, make it.

Let’s start with some simple - I warn you, not easy - first steps that I first took in diving headfirst into my daydream that can easily work for anyone else looking to sit in the driver's seat of their own reality. No matter if your daydream is mentoring fellow babes in health and wellness, or writing your own novel, or being CEO of an insurance company, or making the the most comfortable pants ever - we all start here.

  1. F*CK FEAR

I hesitate being vulgar so early in this post, and I am sorry in advance for all the uncontaminated souls reading this, but this holds enough truth to be loud about it. The biggest obstacle standing in between you and that fantasy you have isn’t you being too busy with classes, with work, with life, or you being too tired, too this, too that, not enough this, not enough that - surprise! - it’s simply you being scared of the unknown. If you’re a student reading this, think of it this way: You invested thousands of dollars into getting an education that does not guarantee you a job afterwards, but you are scared of taking even miniature, potentially priceless, steps towards the thing that sets your soul on fire in fear of failure. Let that sink in, and while you’re at it, you might want to go and say, “f*ck it to fear!”,too.


Simple: The second you believe you can’t do that thing you desire, look at all the people who did. Was there a person somewhere that inspired you in this dream in the first place? Fact is, the only thing different between you and that person is that that person went and took action on his life. Surround yourself with people like that guy, think like the guy would think, fill your mind with the information that guy would fill his with, and take action like the you-if-you-were-that-guy would too. Warning: don’t lose sight of your dream by trapping yourself in a cage of comparison, but take notes on those that are doing that thing that you dream of doing and sculpt it into your own ‘most-you’ reality.


It hurt when I first heard it too, but that perfect day to start isn’t coming anytime soon. It’s up to you to get up in the morning, it’s up to you to bathe yourself and be a person, and it’s just as much up to you to make that dream happen outside of your mind. To look at where you are on day one and imagine where you wish to be can be cringe-worthy, make you want to do nothing but hide away from all of reality for days, or give up before you even started. To work backwards from the end goal and recognize what steps could and would have brought you there, you are able to simplify and re-simplify until you are brought to your day one. Looking back at rule #2, what would that guy have done on his day one? Start here.


Set them: per day, per week, per month, per year, per the next five years, and per until you get exactly what you desire. What do you want from yourself physically, financially, romantically, mentally, spiritually? Keep them small, doable, but still scary, and watch yourself grow each time you conquer one. Repeat these goals to yourself in the morning, repeat them to yourself at night, write them in every one of your notebooks, put them on your bathroom mirror, keep your goals close always. The more unavoidable they are, the more they will begin to show up in your life in forms other than notebook paper or Expo marker on a mirror.


Not a thing holding you back but you, baby. Go slay the day, today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Although it may seem overwhelming to allow yourself to begin to fulfill your dreams and bring your fantasies to life, the same way your body tenses up when skydiving or doing anything scary and awesome, the rewards of taking action far outweigh the fear of never doing it in the first place. If I never dove into what I see as today, my life’s purpose, of helping people all across the world with overall health, happiness, and well-being, there would be hundreds of people still waiting for their sign to take control of their life again, waiting for their “OK” to start, all because I couldn’t break through my own fear and allow myself to live and lead others, no matter how explicitly my heart desired just that.

There’s never enough time, money, or sleep, no matter if you’re a student, full-time worker, or parent. But there are students, full-time workers, and parents who are shaping their daydreams into their realities regardless. You have all the ingredients necessary to start, and you’ve had them since yesterday, and the day before, and just about since birth too. Just as the skydiver never regrets his dive, no matter how scary it is to jump, the daydreamer never regrets his/her first fearless step into the driver’s seat of their own life. I hope today brings you baby steps towards your biggest dream yet.

Baby’s First Steps in Building a Business from Home

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