Flower for Your Thoughts

People have used all sorts of manner and media to communicate discreetly in the public eye. Now that most people have internet access in their pockets, that function of society is played out by instant messaging, emojis, and reaction gifs. That wasn’t always the case, though. There was a time when flower language was the hip way to communicate.

Most people know that red roses represent romantic love; they're still the gift of choice for dates with a significant other. But what if you wished to express remorse or thankfulness? There are plants that convey those messages as well. In fact, the combination of various types of flowers can send quite specific and complicated messages.

Saying "Thank You"

To start things out in the realm of the familiar, there are many ways to convey gratitude through flowers and the practice is still somewhat common today. But rather than sending a random collection of flowers with a Hallmark card, you can create a bouquet that shows just how grateful you are. Some flowers you can use include:

  • Bellflower, for gratitude

  • Daisy, for gratitude

  • Parsley, for gratitude

  • Purple-leaf Sage, for gratitude

  • Lavender, for acknowledgement

  • Pink Hydrangea, for remembrance

  • Rosemary, for remembrance

Recognizing Platonic Friendship

It's no longer a thing for friends to give flowers to one another to show affection, but why not? Platonic relationships need attention, too, you know, and flowers can be a great way to show someone that you care. Flowers that can convey your friendship for someone include:

  • Forsythia, commenting on a person's good nature

  • Blue Hyacinths, for kindness

  • Wormwood, for affection

  • Crocus, for cheerfulness

  • Yellow Rose, for friendship

  • Ivy, for friendship

  • Acacia, platonic love

Recovering from Depression

With clinical depression on the rise in the U.S., a lot of people are looking for ways to send out good vibes to their loved ones. There are a variety of plants that are said to promote physical as well as emotional healing, and they can show someone that you support them when they’re down.​

  • Willow, for calmness and serenity

  • Arborvitae, for unchanging friendship

  • Elderberry, for kindness

  • Pansy, for loving thoughts

  • Delphinium seed pad, for well-being

  • Feverfew, for health

  • Lemon balm, to drive away heavy thoughts

  • Goldenrod leaf, for encouragement

  • Lamb's ears, for support

Congratulations on a Successful Diet

It may seem silly to give someone flowers for following a diet, but let's be real, dieting is hard to do. If your friend kept their new year's resolution

all this time, they've earned the recognition! Some flowers you can use include:

  • Sweet Cicely, for gladness and sincerity

  • Fennel, to give praise

  • Ivy, for friendship

  • Chrysanthemum leaf, for optimism, cheerfulness, and a long life

  • Roses, to congratulate

Consolation for a Hangover

Did you encourage your friends to drink way too much last night? Did you cause them to have regrets? Make it up to them! You can craft a bouquet that is specifically designed to comfort them, while poking fun, of course.

  • Gilded rose, for excess

  • Butterfly bush, for rashness and wantonness

  • Hops, to signify beer and mirth

  • Marigold, for misery

  • Hen-and-chickens, to signify that you still welcome your friend home no matter how drunk they got

  • Pokeweed, to show that you're joking around

Wishing Someone Well on their Job Application

Getting a good job is difficult, and the search is a stressful time in any person's life. Here's how you can cheer on your fraught friends and help them feel like champions:

  • Vervain, for good fortune,

  • Buds (of any flower or plant), as a sign of good things to come

  • Pink coneflower, to indicate skill and capability

  • Clover, for good luck

Challenging a Rival

Do you want to fight someone? Do you need a creative callout that involves flowers? Look no further. Here's your chance to be secretly passive aggressive with that aunt that always shows up to family gatherings. You can finally express your need to fight your favorite celebrity in a way that's not going to end up on Jimmy Kimmel's mean tweets segment. Here's what you'll need:

  • Marigold, to indicate jealousy

  • Rocket, to indicate rivalry

  • Basil, for hatred

  • Sweet Williams, to indicate craftiness

  • Russian Olive, to indicate bitterness

  • Rue, to indicate disdain

(add Pokeweed if you don't actually want to throw down)

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