What Pokémon is Truly the Best?

So, you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? You want to head to the Pokémon League and kick the Elite Four’s butts? Maybe you even want to try your hand at competitive battling with other players online. In that case, who’s on your team? Maybe you have some legendaries. Or Charizard. That’s a great Pokémon, isn’t it? Maybe you’re even one of those trainers that loves Wobbuffets or Quilfish. But, objectively, what is the best Pokémon for battle? Well there’s only one way to answer that—and it’s with science!

First, we’ll examine types and their advantages. We must first find what type, objectively, is the strongest. In this case we will assign points to every type. For example, if we focus on fire, for every type that it deals double (x2) damage, it will receive 1 point. For every type that it deals normal (x1) damage, it will receive 0 points. For every type that it deals half (x1/2) damage, it will lose 1 point. And for every type that it deals no (x0) damage, it will lose 2 points. After tallying everything up, here is the order from best to worst types, offensively:

  1. Rock or Ground (1 point)

  2. Flying or Fire or Water or Ice or Fairy (0 points)

  3. Ghost or Steel or Dark (-1 points)

  4. Fighting or Psychic or Dragon (-2 points)

  5. Electric (-3 points)

  6. Normal or Poison or Bug or Grass (-4 points)

Next, we will do the same, but regarding defensive. This works in much the same way, but in reverse. For every type that receives double (x2) damage, it will lose 1 point. For every type that receives normal (x1) damage, it will receive 0 points. For every type that receives half (x1/2) damage, it will gain 1 point. And for every type that receives no (x0) damage, it will receive 2 points. After tallying everything up, here is the order from best to worst types, defensively:

  1. Steel (9 points)

  2. Ghost (4 points)

  3. Poison or Fire or Fairy (3 points)

  4. Flying or Water or Electric (2 points)

  5. Normal or Ground or Dragon or Dark (1 point)

  6. Fighting or Bug (0 points)

  7. Rock or Grass or Psychic (-1 points)

  8. Ice (-3 points)

It seems that Rock and Ground are the best offensive types while Steel is, by far, the best defensive type. So, this means that we’ll want a Pokémon that is a Ground/Steel type or a Rock/Steel type, right? That leaves us with the following Pokémon as options:

Aggron, Aron, Bastiodon, Diglett (Alola form), Dugtrio (Alola form), Excadrill, Lairon, Probopass, Shieldon, Stakataka, and Steelix.

We can take out Aron and Lairon because they are the pre-evolution forms of Aggron, who would be the strongest of the three. The same goes for Diglett, as Dugtrio is the evolved form, and Shieldon, as Bastiodon is the evolved form. So, we’re left with the following:

Aggron, Bastiodon, Dugtrio (Alola form), Excadrill, Probopass, Stakataka, and Steelix.

Let’s analyze these Pokémon’s base stats. The Pokémon with the highest stat in each category (Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, and HP) will receive 7 points, the second highest receives 6, all the way down to the Pokémon with lowest stat who will receive 1 point. At the end we will add all these stats together to determine which Pokémon, based on stats alone, is the best.

**Note: I will not be using the Mega Evolution stats, instead only using the stats of the normal evolution of the Pokémon, with the exception being Dugtrio, to which I will be using the Alolan version of the normal evolution.


  1. Excadrill (Attack stat: 135) (7 points)

  1. Stakataka (Attack stat: 131) (6 points)

  2. Aggron (Attack stat: 110) (5 points)

  3. Dugtrio (Attack stat: 100) (4 points)

  4. Steelix (Attack stat: 85) (3 points)

  5. Probopass (Attack stat: 55) (2 points)

  6. Bastiodon (Attack stat: 52) (1 point)


  1. Stakataka (Defense stat: 211) (7 points)

  2. Steelix (Defense stat: 200) (6 points)

  3. Aggron (Defense stat: 180) (5 points)

  4. Bastiodon (Defense stat: 168) (4 points) The Pokémon Aggron is tied for first best Pokémon.

  5. Dugtrio (Defense stat: 160) (3 points)

  6. Probopass (Defense stat: 145) (2 points)

  7. Excadrill (Defense stat: 60) (1 point)


  1. Dugtrio (Speed stat: 110) (7 points)

  2. Excadrill (Speed stat: 88) (6 points)

  3. Aggron (Speed stat: 50) (5 points)

  4. Probopass (Speed stat: 40) (4 points)

  5. Bastiodon and Steelix (Speed stat: 30) (3 points)

  6. Stakataka (Speed stat: 13) (2 points)

Special Attack:

  1. Probopass (Sp. Attack stat: 75) (7 points)

  2. Aggron (Sp. Attack stat: 60) (6 points)

  3. Steelix (Sp. Attack stat: 55) (5 points)

  4. Stakataka (Sp. Attack stat: 53) (4 points)

  5. Dugtrio and Excadrill (Sp. Attack stat: 50) (3 points)

  6. Bastiodon (Sp. Attack stat: 47) (2 points) The Pokémon Stakataka is tied for first best Pokémon.

Special Defense:

  1. Probopass (Sp. Defense stat: 150) (7 points)

  2. Bastiodon (Sp. Defense stat: 138) (6 points)

  3. Stakataka (Sp. Defense stat: 101) (5 points)

  4. Dugtrio (Sp. Defense stat: 70) (4 points)

  5. Excadrill and Steelix (Sp. Defense stat: 65) (3 points)

  6. Aggron (Sp. Defense stat: 60) (2 points)


  1. Excadrill (HP stat: 110) (7 points)

  2. Steelix (HP stat: 75) (6 points)

  3. Aggron (HP stat: 70) (5 points)

  4. Stakataka (HP stat: 61) (4 points) The Pokémon Excadrill is tied for second best Pokémon.

  5. Bastiodon and Probopass (HP stat: 60) (3 points)

  6. Dugtrio (HP stat: 35) (2 points)


  1. Aggron and Stakataka (28 points)

  2. Excadrill and Steelix (27 points)

  3. Probopass (25 points)

  4. Dugtrio (23 points)

  5. Bastiodon (19 points)

So, it seems that, according to raw numbers, Aggron and Stakataka are tied when it comes to their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, I am going to step in and declare that Aggron is the winner. This is not because I prefer Aggron over Stakataka, but rather because of circumstances. Stakataka is an Ultra Beast that can only be obtained in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, the latest of Pokémon games. This means that it can only be used in this generation (VII) and onward. Aggron, on the other hand, has been around since Generation III. Aggron also remained in the second or third slot for all stats, with the exception being special defense. Stakataka, on the other hand, varies wildly regarding its stats. The consistency of Aggron is helpful in battle versus a wildcard like Stakataka.

Therefore, I must name Aggron as, objectively, the best Pokémon that can be used for battle.

Of course, this does not mean Aggron will defeat every Pokémon in its path. A fighting or ground Pokémon can damage Aggron greatly. But that is the beauty of Pokémon: even though one Pokémon can objectively be the “best,” there can always be another Pokémon that can beat it, be it by type advantage or a trainer’s own skill.

But raw skill does not exclude numbers, and the numbers state that, based on stats and type matchups, Aggron would be the most likely Pokémon to win the most battles. Aggron truly is the very best, like no one ever was.

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