Dark Sky Brewery

When it comes to Flagstaff, there are many unique bars and breweries from which to choose. All the breweries are local which only make the selection better. My favorite brewery out all the great ones to choose from in Flagstaff, even out of Mother Road and Historic Brewery, is Dark Sky Brewery. Dark Sky Brewery is located in downtown Flagstaff on Beaver Street. The building is small, but the sign draws in patrons.

Dark Sky Brewery not only has the craziest beer names, but they have the best beer in town. Some of the beers available on tap are Knife Fight, Bear Jaws, Private Idaho, and List of Demands. These beer names are a great twist on the usual dull beer names and are what originally attracted me to Dark Sky Brewery in the first place. There is nothing better than drinking a great beer with a fantastic name. Another unique aspect is that not only does Dark Sky have their most popular beers year- round, but the menu changes with the season. I always ask the bartender what they would suggest as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to choose from their beers as they constantly have new incredible beers available. Every time I get a suggestion from the bartender, I have always enjoyed the beer recommended. The bartender always makes sure to pick a beer they know I will enjoy by asking me questions to figure out my beer preference. Also, when I simply cannot decide, Dark Sky Brewery offers a taste test of up to eight beers at a very reasonable price. More beers can be added to the taste test if a patron wants to try more than eight. This brewery mixes their beers with coffee, hot chocolate, and with many more unique ingredients that are not ty

Dark Sky Brewery is more than its beer. The environment and the staff are what makes this brewery so inviting. Every time I visit, the staff is very welcoming and always willing to offer up a selection of their favorite brews. Each bartender recommends a different beer every time I visit and will talk about the difference between the beers and how the beers are made. The brewery strives to make every customer feel welcomed as soon as they walk through the door. The brewery has several couches and armchairs for the patrons to sit on, and if those are filled up (which they usually are) there are multiple high tables and chairs for patrons. There is also a high table that runs along a window for customers to sit. Every time I go to Dark Sky Brewery, this is my favorite place to sit as this seat allows me to see most of the bar and still have my personal space. On top of being welcoming to their customers, Dark Sky Brewery also allows dogs and children (with parent supervision). This aspect makes it easier for adults to go out as they don’t have to find a babysitter or leave their animals at home alone. The dogs that customers bring into Dark Sky Brewery makes the place more energetic and friendly.

All the dogs help fellow patrons connect to one another and starts conversations that would normally not happen between the patrons. All these details give the brewery a relaxed, but friendly environment. Conversation flows easily among patrons, and the friendliness vibe is present throughout Dark Sky Brewery. Also, Dark Sky Brewery does live music that brightens up the place to me, and makes it feel more Flagstaffy. There is no pattern in the musicians that play at Dark Sky Brewery; the only thing that is constant is that all the musicians are local ones. These musicians always bring something different to the brewery and expose the patrons to their variations of incredible music.

Another amazing factor of Dark Sky Brewery is the patio and travelling kitchen. Merge is the travelling kitchen attached to Dark Sky Brewery. The kitchen offers nachos, burritos, tacos, and salads. For people looking for more than those options, Merge offers a variety of delicious food.

The traveling kitchen recently added breakfast burritos to their menu which is a great excuse to buy a beer to wash it down with. The food that Merge offers is delicious and helps the beers go down more smoothly. Merge is open year- round, so even if it is too cold to sit on the patio (AKA in the winter), patrons can grab their food and go enjoy the deliciousness inside Dark Sky Brewery. It is a great combination to have, and it makes the brewery even better to me.

So, when it comes to choosing a brewery to try, Dark Sky Brewery is an amazing place to go. Not only are there new fabulous beers to try, there are always awesome people (and dogs) to meet! A combination of the beers from Dark Sky Brewery and the food from Merge will make anyone’s experience to this brewery magical and worth anyone’s time. The staff and patrons are always there to welcome newcomers, so don’t wait to try Dark Sky Brewery.

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