Flagstaff Seasonal Fall Beers

Flagstaff Arizona is a popular tourist destination. All of the tourist traffic to this small town allows for local breweries to change up their taps to keep locals and tourists alike satisfied with new brews. Now that is upon us and Octoberfest has passed Flag breweries are cranking out seasonal Fall beers to suit the changing of the seasons.

Lumberyard Brewing Company located on San Francisco street near the train tracks is a staple in the Flagstaff craft beer scene. For the Fall season Lumberyard brewed an Oktoberfest Märzen Fall Lager. This lager pays tribute to Oktoberfest in Munich Germany that takes place every September and October. Märzen is a type of lager that originates from the Bavarian region of Germany that has a medium to full body with a brown coloring. This lager is typically easy drinking with a low international bitterness unit (IBU). Lumberyard’s Oktoberfest Märzen follows this distinct character of typical German Märzen beers. As a recommendation I prefer to enjoy these beers a little closer to room temperature and not too chilled. You can find Lumberyard’s Oktoberfest Märzen Fall Lager at their brewery or various liquor stores around Flagstaff. But, hurry as the name implies this beer will not be around for much longer, as it is only a seasonal run.

Fall is also synonymous with Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving marks the end of Fall and beginning of winter. Thanksgiving is usually associated with many different flavors, ranging from turkey to cranberry sauce. But, pumpkin pie is the staple that holds Thanksgiving together and gives us a reason to celebrate this holiday. Historic Brewing Company located one block south of Lumberyard is known for their Pie Hole Porter. But, for Fall they unveiled something special, a Pumpkin Pie Hole Porter. This beer takes the distinct porter flavor of coffee and chocolate notes and throws in a Pumpkin flavored twist. Stop by Historic and pick up a growler (64oz) or a crowler (32oz) and enjoy this beer with your Thanksgiving feast or around a fire with your loved ones on a cold night.

Dark Sky Brewing (DSB) opened in 2014 pays homage to Flagstaff being the 1st International Dark Sky City. DSB has been churning out unique beers quite frequently with over 200 current recipes. For the beginning of Fall, DSB came out with Oh My Gourd a Belgian strong ale brewed with organic pumpkin and a variety of spices. This beer is 10% abv hence the Belgian strong ale in the name but, boasts a low IBU of 22. DSB recommends pairing this beer with caramel chocolate, preferably from trick or treating or a kid’s candy basket, they don’t need all of it. DSB came out with a great Fall beer that can pass as a winter warmer, but enjoy slowly, it’s a strong ale before you know it you could be saying oh my gourd.

Flagstaff has an amazing assortment of Fall beers, you can find them at any brewery around Flagstaff. They may be a little more expensive than your typical domestics but remember, you are what you eat or in this case drink. So, get out there and go try some Fall beers, I highlighted just some of my favorites but there are plenty out there to choose from. Talk to your local barman they will be sure to point you in the right direction.

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