Why You Should Buy A Season Pass to Arizona Snowbowl

As the nights get colder, the days get shorter, and the leaves start to change, one can feel the changing of seasons in the air. Fall is on the way, and before we know it, we will be waking up to a blanket of fresh snow, marking the start of winter. Northern Arizona is unique in its easy access to the best ski resort in Arizona; Arizona Snowbowl. If you want to make the most out of this winter and your ski season, then you need to purchase a season pass. A season pass gives you access to unlimited skiing and riding all winter long, and there has been no better time to purchase one than this season. Arizona Snowbowl will be opening a new chairlift this year, marking a trend of three new chairs in three consecutive years, as well as a new dining area for après and continued use of their snowmaking capabilities.

Arizona Snowbowl is renowned for their learn-to-ski facilities. With nine green (beginner) runs accessed by two conveyor lifts and two non-detachable chairlifts, there are a plethora of options for beginners to learn the foundations and seasoned veterans to warm up on. Further, new this year is the replacement of the Hart’s Prairie chairlift. The old Hart’s Prairie two-seater chairlift, which was installed in 1981, will be replaced with a safer, easier-to-load, and more comfortable four-seater chair. This new chair will allow for easier boarding and easier and safer offloading. If you are thinking about learning how to ski or snowboard, there has never been a better year to do it. With the addition of the new Hart’s Prairie chairlift, learning to ski, board, and ride the lift has never been easier!

During the month of December, Arizona Snowbowl can get overly crowded with many tourists and travelers eager to enjoy the winter holidays at the best attraction in Northern Arizona. With all of the excitement going on, sometimes finding a place to eat lunch or have a cocktail after a long day on the hill can be an issue. Not this year, though! Arizona Snowbowl is expanding the Hart’s Prairie dining room to accommodate 300 more people. This will make sure everyone will be able to get a table to catch up on the stories of the day. Another great addition to the Hart’s Prairie Lodge is a skier and boarder overpass that will cross the main street. This will allow for skiers and boarders to ski right up to the lodge without having to undo their bindings. Also, Arizona Snowbowl is adding a beach-like après area. Après is French for “after." This is a perfect place to kick back on some lawn chairs and enjoy a beverage while recapping the amazing day you just had. With all of these new accommodations being added, it does not matter if you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time skier. There are plenty of places to kick, back have some food, and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Arizona Snowbowl has to offer.

Skiing in Arizona can be absolutely incredible because some snowstorms deliver almost 100 inches to the Kachina Peaks. However, even if there is not 100 inches of snow in the forecast, Arizona Snowbowl has the ability to get the season underway in a timely manner. Arizona Snowbowl has multiple snow cannons which run overnight in the weeks/days before the season starts, ensuring there is a good base for skiers and riders to start enjoying as early as possible. This man-made snow allows Arizona Snowbowl to open on their projected opening date regardless of what Mother Nature decides to throw at them.

Skiing and snowboarding in Arizona is an amazing experience that not many people are able to say they have done. So, if you live near Arizona Snowbowl or are willing to commute, this is the year for you to buy a season pass. The season will start as planned on November 10th thanks to new snowmaking capabilities. With the addition of the new Hart’s Prairie chairlift being built, beginners will have unparalleled access to some of the best learn-to terrain in the South West. Finally, after a long day on the slopes everyone will be able to get a table at the Hart’s Prairie Lodge and be able to kick back in the après area and share the stories of the day. This is not only the best year to purchase a season pass to Snowbowl, but it is your year to purchase a season pass and experience everything the best ski resort in Arizona has to offer.

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