Book Review: Perry Moore's Hero

In a world with masked heroes and villains with extraordinary powers, Thom Creed is a teenager hiding two major secrets that embody everything his father hates. He has been asked to join the league of superheroes that spurned his dad, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Thom is also struggling to make sense of his emerging sexuality.

Hero is reminiscent of comic books with a fresh take on the typical character archetypes associated with comics. The book features a unique cast, including a gay main character with a healing touch, an elderly woman who can see the future, a pyromaniac with anger issues, and Typhoid Larry, a boy who has the power to make people sick with a single touch. Together, they form a ragtag team of misfits who unwittingly discover a sinister plot to destroy the world in the heart of their city.

Despite the captivating plot, it was the characters in this book who really drew me in to the story. The central characters were all unique for a teenage superhero book, and even the characters who seemed like cheap knockoffs of better-known superheroes were not quite what they seemed. Unfortunately, this book's weakness is character development. The supporting characters in particular tended to fall flat at times, despite their interesting backgrounds.

Although Hero was set up to be part of a series of novels, Perry Moore unfortunately died before he finished the sequel. Despite this, Hero does well for itself as a standalone story with an intriguing plot and interesting characters who stand apart from typical superhero stories.

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