The Bright Side

A large part of the nation has been troubled by the results of the presidential election. They fear for their rights, their safety, and their livelihood as well as the rights, safety, and livelihood of the ones they love. With the media firestorm keeping the panic alive, here’s a list of things that can’t be changed, no matter who is running the country: 

  • The deliciousness of a perfect grilled cheese.

  • The fact that more stars appear in the night sky the longer you look at it. 

  • The way your favorite color or favorite song makes you feel. 

  • The innate human ability to create. 

  • The feeling you get in your stomach when you rewatch a favorite movie from your childhood.

  • The extra-special laugh you can have now that you understand the adult jokes from that aforementioned childhood favorite.

  • The fact that there are still good people out there doing good things.

  • The fact that carne asada fries could be a perfect food with the right guacamole to sour cream ratio. 

  • The feeling you get when you know you’re doing right by those around you. 

  • How adorable old people are when they smile.

Add and substitute from this list as you please, but you should take away the main point that there is good in every facet of life. Even in dark times, in the nation and around the world, the key to surviving the bad is to dig that much harder to find a bright side. 

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