Hidden Inaccuracies

Once again, I am intoxicated. And once again, I plan to write about nonsense. I decided to be lame and drink wine spritzers at home with my girlfriend, Pear and Apple flavor to be exact, and let me tell you, they are delicious. But that’s not the point of this blog post. Here we go, brace yourselves.

Currently we are just sitting on my bed watching The Goonies, but all I can focus on is the fact that there are things done wrong. Like when the kid uses his inhaler, you’re supposed to hold it for 10 seconds. He doesn’t and that frustrates me. Secondly, when they find the skeletons, the one with an eye patch more specifically, the eye socket is closed. In reality, if a person lost their eye, they would just have their skin stitched together and not their whole eye socket. That’s physically impossible. And once a person dies, their skin withers away so they’re left with just the bones. Therefore, the socket would be open. Not shut.

This brings me to think, how many times does a movie do something stupid or incorrect that we don’t notice, because we’re sober or whatever? I’ve watched The Goonies more times than I can count, and I’ve never realized those two things. Maybe because I was too young to really know better, or I was too focused on my phone to pay attention, but it irks me that I’m just now realizing this. How many things go by that I don’t realize? I know I’m not the only one either. Basically, maybe we should open our eyes more. Take them off of the phones and watch, like actually watch the damn movie! Maybe then we will realize how many things are off and not accurate in a movie, or show, or whatever you’re watching. Yeah, yeah, it’s old. But it still needs to be correct. I feel like it’s not very credible if they do things that aren’t physically correct, or correct in any other way. Maybe I’m just easily ticked, but come on.

This brings me to a weird theory about how much we read that isn’t accurate as well. How many stories have we read in our lives that featured inaccurate information? How can authors get away with this? I feel like everyone should do research on a topic so it’s accurate if they choose to talk about it. Maybe I’m just picky about things having accurate information. But I can’t possibly be the only one who is irked by it. I’m probably overthinking things.

Anywho, I think that’s all. But I really do wonder how people get away with this. And I wonder why I care about it so much.

Photo Credit: The Goonies

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