Writing to Deal with Wanderlust

After studying abroad and experiencing the thrill of traveling, I have started to suffer from wanderlust syndrome: the need to travel anywhere and everywhere. After pricing various trips I could take over the next year, I finally accepted that I am completely broke and started looking for new ways to deal with my wanderlust. One was talking about it incessantly to others, and the other has now become writing. After learning more about different kinds of literary magazines, I’ve discovered a few dedicated to travel writing. Suddenly, I had a new outlet for my stagnant frustrations and it opened up new possibilities for my own writing.

I focused my attention on one literary magazine in particular, Literary Bohemian. I think it was the design of the site that initially caught my eye. The site screams "vintage traveler," which I found incredibly appealing. It has poetry, but instead of the usual fiction and nonfiction options, there are “Travel Notes” and “Postcard Prose,” encouraging a travel feel to their submissions and offering a new way to read their pieces. The format is not only unique, but it is a great, creative way to publish travel writing. Past writers featured in the magazine are able to write pieces based around exploring new places, encouraging travel as well as being able to talk creatively about the places they’ve been to. Reading the Literary Bohemian, I now have a great outlet for all the travel stories I have, as well as a great source of inspiration for new stories. I can explore the travels of others or submit my own and see excitement in travels written down.

I won’t lie, the wanderlust is still incredibly strong, but at least now I have so much new material to explore, both in the Literary Bohemian and other literary magazines focused on travel. In others I have visited, there are even some that take picture submissions, great for those suffering from wanderlust who don’t like to write. For me, however, this seems like the perfect platform to regurgitate all my scribbles from my own travel journal. To anyone out there suffering from wanderlust syndrome, writing a travel journal seems to be a great way to ease the strain. Looking back on great times may appear more harmful than helpful, but it is the best kind of souvenir, at least for me. Don’t get me wrong, trying to write about an action packed day when you’re exhausted isn’t always the greatest, but I can assure you that almost all the people I traveled with did that very thing. Write to remember the little details, the big events, or the people you meet, but write. It says so much more than a selfie in front of a view or a picture of a monument (but by all means take those too). So if you are willing, write all about it, make it for you, the world, or both. Goodness knows I want to. So, until I can go on another exciting adventure, I’ll compromise with the delightful stories from travel writers as well as my own.

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