The NAU Bucket List

It’s no secret that college is probably 4 of the best years of your life. They’re full of exciting adventures, meeting new people, making life-long friends, and of course letting loose and being a little crazy every once in awhile. Here I’ve comprised a bucket list of 40 things an NAU student should consider doing before they leave our sweet Flagstaff for good.

1. Go to a Prochnow movie on campus

2. Hike all the way to the top of Mt. Humphreys

3. Hike all the way to the top of Mt. Elden

4. Join the bandwagon and get silly with your friends on Tequila Sunrise (but not too silly).

5. Go to a slam poetry night at Firecreek

6. Perform in the slam poetry night at Firecreek

7, Go sledding

8. Ride to the top of the ski lift at Snow Bowl

9. Attend a reading (or several) at Uptown Pubhouse

10. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise at Mars Hill

11. Get lost on Campus (This will probably happen more than once in the beginning of your years).

12. Go to at least one Lumberjack football game at the Sky Dome

13. Be late to class waiting for a Louie Line bus (we’ve all been there…)

14. Walk into the wrong classroom

15. Take a road trip with your best friends

16. Pull an all-nighter just because

17. Discover something gross and unidentifiable in a dorm hall bathroom

18. Be woken up in the middle of the night by a dorm hall fire alarm

19. Go cliff jumping at the creek

20. Spend a whole day in the sun with your friends

21. Order Jimmy Johns twice in one day

22. Go to a bonfire party

23. Try everything at the Hot Spot

24. Read something you wrote in public

25. Take a day trip to the Grand Canyon

26. Try the worst wine you’ve ever tasted

27. Try the best wine you’ve ever tasted

28. Find the best late night food place in town (aka Primos)

29. Binge watch a whole Netflix show in one weekend (who hasn’t done this one?)

30. Drink too much with your best friends and have a living room dance party

31. Get something published

32. Take a class (or several) that have nothing to do with your major

33. Stay up all night doing homework

34. Have a Friendsgiving

35. Have a snowball brawl

36. Skip class for no reason just to have a “me” day

37. Shotgun a beer and win

38. Be on a first name basis with the bouncer at your favorite bar

39. Be a “yes man” for a whole day

40. Graduate

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