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Everyone has that day where they just want to crawl back under the covers and watch movies or TV series all day long. That day where you just want to crunch your alarm into a pancake. Yes, I am one of those people. It happens on and off with my three favorite shows or movies. This time, it’s Archer. Again, yes, he’s the one tattooed on my arm who everyone asks about. How to explain Archer? Does it matter? Well, a short version to give you an idea: there is a man named Sterling Archer who works at a spy agency off the books in the United States Government. The agency is called ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service), or rather it used to be called that through the first four seasons and the sixth. ISIS is run by Sterling’s mother, Mallory Archer. Sterling and a woman named Lana Kane go on missions together, stuff like saving a gas pipeline, protecting ambassadors, hosting the head of the KGB, etc. The other main characters are Kreiger, Pam, Cyril, Rey, and Cheryl. Watch it. It’s really good if you like spy thriller comedy. It’s on FX.

I cannot quit watching this show. It isn’t the first time this has happened. I watched A Million Ways to Die In The West every night for a few months freshman year of college. Earlier this year, it was The Shining (I love horror films). The thing is, I know Archer back to front, all seven seasons. I could probably recite all the episodes to some extent if not the entire twenty-minute episode. My binge-watching makes me think about how well I could do in school if homework was as simple as hearing a song once or twice and learning the lyrics or watching a TV show and learning the entire script for each episode. I can tell you a lot of facts I have learned not just from Archer, but from other things as well. The problem with textbooks is that the material is so dry it just registers for as long as I need it before being sucked back into my brain. I wish I could create a “mind palace” like Sherlock’s, the information that is really necessary and helpful, keeping out all the other scraps of information that are pointless.

I wonder if this just happens to me when I binge-watch television or listen to music, which I pick up so quickly, or if there are others. I mean, I’m sure there are, but to this extent or, should I say, level of understanding. Well, I wish people could clarify a lot of the things that have happened in my life, but I cannot even do that justice. I figure I’ll continue to binge-watch away since at least I know I am good at something (well, other than riding horses).

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