A Celebration of Flagstaff

Ah, Flagstaff. A small-time city beloved by so many outdoors junkies and held fondly in the hearts of so many college grads. The sweet spot of Arizona where you can get a little heat in the summer, changing leaves in the autumn, and idyllic snow covered peaks in the winter. A place that feels like home to so many different walkers of life. You’d be hard pressed to find an artisan cup of coffee in the middle of the night from a fair trade organization anywhere but Flagstaff. A college town in rare form with its blend of urban and nature scenes, coming together in a wonderful kind of harmony. From this writer and Arizona native and from so many others like and unlike me, thank you.

Thank you for being weird. Thank you for being quirky and full of coffee. Thank you for being a little town with a big voice on so many things and not being afraid to be loud. Thank you for your dark skies and giving city folks the chance to see the stars. Thank you for your kooky history and lending a part of that to our super rad magazine's title. Thank you for being a nurturing place for creative and kind people to grow. Thank you for being true to you with all of your tiny shops and diners being the backbone of the city. Thank you, not just for being such an insanely dog-friendly city, but for having people who are so willing to let strangers pet their dogs. Thank you for being such a bright blue city in a red state and allowing the liberals to thrive.

I could go on about what you mean to me, Flagstaff, but there’s not enough room in all of the blogs in all of the world to accurately say everything I, and so many of your citizens, love about you. You’re a grand old girl, Flagstaff, and you will always be near and dear to us.

Picture credit: FJ Gaylor Photograpghy

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