Flagstaff Problems

Every town has unique problems. Some are serious such, as high crime or murder rate. Maybe there is even a large influx of drugs from local gangs in the area. In our quiet, little (not so much anymore) mountain town of Flagstaff, however, our problems are usually far less severe and still do a fantastic job of pissing everyone off. Some of you might even ask: “What’s the big deal? Everyone and their dog has problems. Why should I care what problems Flagstaff has?” The answer is blunt and simple: if you live in Flagstaff, you’re either a student, you retired here, or you are one of those oddball locals that never left and is still waiting for everything to go back to the way it used to be. The bottom line is that the change starts with every single one of you.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Traffic. Yes, every town more or less has bad traffic, but no one seems to remember that we only have two main roads in the entire town. As much as I love not being able to turn left on Milton unless it's three in the morning, and I know you all share the same love as I do, this issue does not give people the right to lose their minds when driving on these roads (or any other road for that matter). You have all seen these people. The out-of-state students from California who insist on running red lights in the dead of winter only to remember at the last second that their Ford Mustangs do not handle snow well as they spin out and crash into someone who's minding their own business. The people who feel the need to do forty mph or more on Milton only to hit every single red light along the way and then get pulled over by a cop. The other students who speed through the already narrow “roads” on NAU’s campus and blast their crappy music out of a subwoofer that they didn’t even ground properly, so it sounds like the machines from Terminator have a bad case of static electricity while incoherently shouting through a mega phone. Please do not be any of the aforementioned people. Things are fairly cramped in this town now and it’s only going to get worse with NAU growing.

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