A Dyslexic Boy



Together as

if 1 were

More than one troubling thought.

They combine2 together like tree pressed into pulp

Than pressed together to make this.3 我,我,我,我4 have trouble to

Think of these words. Words that can hold nothing on me. Words are violent, words are chaotic, they only do harm.

A note: The numbers are to resemble the thoughts of a dyslexic individual. Words may be missing, words may have synonyms, and some are in different languages, perhaps they are only in the definition. Try to decipher what they mean. Also, the character 我 is pronounced WOA.

Bron Sampson was born on January the first of 1996. He was born and raised in Arizona, but has traveled to China at one point in his life. He is an eagle scout, and Vigil order of the arrow member. What inspired him to write this work was not only being raised with differing viewpoints on life but also how he was treated when he was growing up. Bron is Dyslexic, and has to think of things differently than his peers. Although Dyslexia is a common disability, it cannot be “grown out of.” Bron feels that his Dyslexia is not a disability, for that can have a negative connotation. He sees it as a tool and urges others who have disabilities to look at it the same way. Bron has gone through most of his life so far, believing that he was a burden to society. However, he changed his outlook on the matter and found that: he could either pretend to be something he is not, or embrace what he is and use it to his advantage. This has gotten him the nickname from his peers as “The Philosopher.”

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