Sleep by ChristyAnn Righi

When your body becomes lavender

Self-care is harder than it seems, but is always helpful.

And your world is as small as a mustard seed

The sadness you can experience is for one moment, not the entirety of your time.


When it is time to talk to your heart


Know that each cell in your body is fighting for your survival in every moment.

And breathe for the sake of breath

Remember your life is something you cultivate through each hour.

That is when you sleep

Cherish the calmness of minutes you spend alone.


When your mind crashes


The fabric of your life must be mended.

And the body slouches

Your mind needs time to fold itself into a map it can understand.


When it is okay to scream


To enjoy the feeling of a hot mug in your hands is a simple joy.

And you can do so until your throat is raw

Fill your senses with the kind of things that bring you a sense of peace.

That is when you stay awake

Stretch every muscle and feel each fiber shuddering awake.


When the lavender seeps into your pores


Understand your body is where it needs to be within this life.

And eyes start blinking slower

Always hold the people you love in a genuine embrace.


When you can’t think of a reason to be here


Never underestimate how far your presence reaches within the world.

And you need time

Stitch your heart from its many wounds when they bubble up to the surface of your mind.

That is when you must sleep.

ChristyAnn Righi

ChristyAnn Righi is a senior at NAU who enjoys planning out her next travel adventures and hanging out with her cat, Honeybee. She’s probably buying another plant that she doesn’t need or writing her novel.
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