Share the Bottle with Your Brother by Ashley Lohmann

My black nail polish is chipping

Away at my anxiety—I feel like a badass

It’s that tiny bottle I’m worshipping


Until it’s on my fingertips you’re slipping

Judgement, so I dig until my skin and nails won’t contrast and

My black nail polish is chipping


I’ll tell you why the stench of adolescence is overpowering:

They’re ditching shooters and humanity in the grass

It’s that tiny bottle they’re worshipping.


There are people in my neighborhood dying

And they choose my fingertips to harass?

My black nail polish is chipping.


Pills sitting nicely on the counter, and I hear them tempting

The face staring back at me in the glass

Though it’s not that tiny bottle I’m worshipping


And I feel like a man when I’m painting,

Not going to hide it in class or rub it off for mass,

My black nail polish is chipping

So, it’s that tiny bottle I’m worshipping.

Ashley Lohmann

NAU Sophomore Ashley Lohmann is from Mililani, Hawaii. She is majoring in English and minoring in philosophy. Lohmann writes for the Lumberjack Newspaper and is President of NAU’s Roller club and enjoys roller skating in her free time. After she graduates in 2021, she intends to pursue a master’s degree in English.

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