Disappointment of the Goonies Credits by Ashley Lohmann

You stopped him when he was

          digging for the sexuality inside you

as if he were going to pull it           out

and wear it around his neck


You stopped him

because while his fingers were                               reaching

his eyes were simultaneously twisting your gut

with a stare of concentration

with this glint, not of passion nor of


but more akin to desperation to



You stopped him

because                                          deep


his mission had to be hated

his intention initiated subconscious

frustration too                                           far     

                             within  you


you stopped him


though only for a second

to sing of a satisfaction still

                elusive to you

before he                                 dug


to   t e a r   out your gut

good and strong, eyes still fixated on                    yanking

out, claiming some sort of prize

Ashley Lohmann

NAU Sophomore Ashley Lohmann is from Mililani, Hawaii. She is majoring in English and minoring in philosophy. Lohmann writes for the Lumberjack Newspaper and is President of NAU’s Roller club and enjoys roller skating in her free time. After she graduates in 2021, she intends to pursue a master’s degree in English.

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