come look by Zane Frederick

am i doing this right? come look / supervise / i’m trying to give love /

the centaur backs away / i’m holding candied hearts as bait / come look /

why is it so simple for everyone else? / they sweep feet with grace and cupid

is running out of arrows / i don’t think it’s in it for me / not by fate or some

made up meant to be / that there is someone to hold me firm / in all the right places /

to turn my stomach inside out / a feeling that breaks skin / i blister before you

reach for my hand / come look / go slow / then go for it

Zane Frederick

Zane is a city born Gemini, raised in the hell and heart of Phoenix, Arizona. He is a junior studying Hotel and Restaurant Management with a minor in Art History. When not writing, he plays guitar, piano, and delves into art history books. His future plans include working his way up in a hotel or restaurant and hopefully continuing to self publish poetry books. 

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