Ariana Ruiz is currently an undergraduate set to graduate spring 2017 with a BA in English, a certificate in creative writing, and minors in photography and psychological sciences. She enjoys writing fiction and poetry. When she is not working or at school, she is always with her dog, Daisy.   

Ashley Johnson is an English major working towards a Creative Writing Certificate. She spends her time hunting for grammar mistakes in published novels, researching conspiracy theories, and taking afternoon naps with her Chihuahua, Chester. After graduation in May, Ashley plans on finding a career that will allow her to write psychological horror novels on the side.

Bailey Davis studies English as well as Psychology. On the off seasons, she is typically traveling around the United States photographing the beautiful scenery and writing about her adventures, experiences, and the new people she meets. Once she graduates college she plans on becoming an Editor and Publisher, as well as a counselor for troubled teens. 

Christine Denuit is an English major. She was raised in Phoenix, and chose Flagstaff for the snow. She enjoys reading and writing, and hopes to become an editor. In her spare time, she likes to watch TV shows and blog.

Emily Forney is an English and History major, with a minor in Classics. She once wrote a children’s book about a flying buffalo. It was terrible. Her first crush was on teenage Simba. Her greatest accomplishment was wearing the same shirt six days in a row, without anyone outright noticing. A non-negative checking account would be an honor to her. Recently, she has worked on writing popular fiction and interning for literary magazines, where she found a calling in publishing and editing. Maybe not a calling, but at least a decent skill she will take advantage of like Mark Cuban takes advantage of family-owned businesses.

Grace Fenlason is a desert-born freelance journalist, fiction and creative non-fiction writer. She is the editor-in-chief of NAU’s student run newspaper, The Lumberjack. She is also an intern with Thin Air Magazine, the Social Media Editor of Waxwing, and a freelancer for Amadeus.

Josie Griffith is a poet, writer, and student transplant from Pittsburgh living and working in Flagstaff.

Kaylen Goetzke-Rux was raised in the beautiful town of Flagstaff, where she spent her childhood exploring the great outdoors. Her curiosity eventually led her to study abroad in Germany where she fell in love with traveling. Back in Flagstaff, she studies biology, chemistry, and English. In her spare time, she writes creative fiction and hopes to publish a novel one day. To relax from studying, she spends time in nature, plays video games, and catches up on her shows, including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and The Amazing Race.

Lauren Boehmer is and English major and Studio Art minor pursuing certificates in creative writing and literature. She was born in Southern California an hour away from anything interesting and has a great interest in old British literature. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, working out, and planning vacations around the world that she can’t afford. 

Lauren Kalt is an English major with minors in Studio Art and French. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She is an aspiring editor and creative writer. Lauren is passionate about helping others craft beautiful, gripping stories, and she hopes to do the same with her own creative writing. She thinks intersectional feminism, body positivity, and queer theory are super rad. Her interests include reading, binge-watching Netflix shows, drawing, adventuring, and mumbling to herself in French.

Alexandra " Lexi" Zimmer enjoys taking not-quite-long-enough walks with her chubby dog, Buddy, while playing Pokemon Go. Her hobbies include collecting books for her personal library, destroying her clothes with paint, and eating mass amounts of chocolate per day. Her only plans for the future are making her own tiny house and maybe publishing her own short story.

Linnaea Caldwell was born on June 15, 1995, in Glendale, Arizona. The daughter of a marketing professor and a constantly traveling father, she was brought up in a very “grammatically correct”way. A couple years after her parents’ divorce, she began riding horses and has been doing so for the last fourteen years. As a truthful explanation of her is a twenty-one-year-old kid, cave troll, and nerd, with a movie addiction and a solid dislike of school in general. She is an English major and transferred from Beloit College in Wisconsin. She intends to write a book or series of novels one day. For now, she is a second-semester sophomore, getting used to this new campus and surroundings.

Markie Scheidegger is receiving a bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Philosophy and Studio Art. While writing is her major chosen path of study, she also has a deep passion for art and painting. She also enjoys much of what Flagstaff and Northern Arizona have to offer: hiking, biking, and great vegetarian food. One day she hopes to travel to each end of the Earth and write about her experiences. She lives happily here in Flagstaff, Arizona, with her rabbit Thumper. 

Max Cohen is a senior at pursuing a B.A. in English, a minor in Philosophy, and a certificate in Literature. Besides harboring a passion for writing and reading, he also cherishes several C’s, including chess, cinema, and his morning cups of coffee (which, incidentally, furnish him with the strength to enjoy all the rest.) He plans to graduate in the spring of 2016, and move to New York City later that year. 

Megan Dressler, currently writing under the pseudonym Orion Redgrave, is an undergraduate English major and Advertising minor. Their poetry and fiction were featured in Young Authors of Arizona’s 2014 anthology Bloom. They are currently working on their project Curbside Romantics, which will be released as a biweekly online serial. In addition to writing, they enjoy watching hockey, playing video games, and making playlists. 

Franklin Mitchell is a fourth year student graduating in the spring with a B.S.Ed in English secondary education. When he’s not reading, teaching, or thinking about reading or teaching, he enjoys playing music and spending time in the forest. 

My name is Rachel Gonzalez, currently a senior, but as you’re reading who knows where I am. Maybe I’m in New York working for a publishing company (goals), maybe I’m at a café in Paris working on a traveling food blog (goals) or even walking through a park with my dogs (goals). Whatever I’m doing in the present I want to thank you now for reading this bio of mine and all of the content everyone on this page worked so hard to curate for you. 

Rachel Johnson is a current senior undergraduate student studying English with certificates in creative writing and literature. Rachel loves all forms of literature, but is especially passionate about fiction and poetry. In her spare time she loves going out with her friends, and spending time with her cat Phoebe, and dog Joey. 

Stephanie Knight is a senior looking to graduate in Spring 2016 with a BA in English and a certificate in Creative Writing and Literature. She is an aspiring writer who wishes to write Christian Romance Fiction for a living, hoping to share Christ and love in every page. Born and raised in Sedona, she loves all things Arizona. Outdoorsy and a bookworm, she also loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Sydney Humphries has no idea what to do with her life so she just keeps trying new things. She has done a variety of things to various levels of success—from cosplaying to a YouTube channel to drawing a webcomic. All she knows is that she loves all forms of creativity. Her passion lays in writing and editing, and she is excited to be a part of the Tunnels’ team of editors as another venture into something new!

Taylor DeLong is a current undergrad in his senior year. He is majoring in English with a certificate in Applied Linguistics. As he is forever bound to being a student at NAU and not being able to turn left onto Milton, he is also a lover of all things cold and is aspiring to travel to Alaska and Antarctica. 

Tori Imafidon is studying English, Psychology, and French. As a central-Arizonan native who learned to love reading and writing in a well air-conditioned room, Tori now spends most days hunting for enjoyable and poignant stories, no matter the form.

Damian Brown studies English and Communication. They are here presently to edit your copy and academia for the The Tunnels magazine. They think it’s funny when a thing's title begins with the word “The,” and are generally wary about writing a personal bio. Inward reflection is terrifying and dangerous.

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