But I Am the Moon


You are a novel,

A story full of misadventures.

I feel as though I am the first

To handle your dark, battered binding.


You, my adoration,

Are a quiet wind

Blowing through the aspen trees –

That sweet, soft hum.


You are a late night drive

Of somber acoustics,

Flooding endless confessions,

One hand on the wheel.


You, mon cœur,

Are a misted creosote bush –

The dusty smell of rain

After a summer monsoon.


You are the beach at sunset,

The chill of the ocean spray,

My toes in the dampened sand,

And the soft tide of the waves along the shore.


You are head-to-toe

A brilliant smile.

Your radiance astounds me,

                You may even be the Sun.

But I Am the Moon - Jil Gaddis
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i wrote you

carved you out of stone

a soft face on

a hard surface

a pair of eyes to match

that softness.

your hands


to match.

your breasts


pale and luminous.

in return,

you gave me


and i

only i gave you life.

we danced sometimes


late nights turn to sunrise

your cold skin under my palms


hands carved into one another

a work of art

our bodies

bronze, ivory,


stone cold heart but

a soft pair of eyes





you saved me.

wrote me.

destroyed me.

stone cold heart but

a soft pair of eyes.

Pygmalion - Jill Gaddis
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Jill Gaddis is an undergraduate pursuing her bachelor's in Secondary Education English with Certificates in Creative Writing and Literature. She loves to write short stories as well as poetry and enjoys playing with metaphors. In the future, she hopes to share this fondness for fiction with her high school English students and, ideally, her Creative Writing class as well. This is her first publication.

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