Come take a Scroll

A Statement by the Artist

I am learning what it means to become independent, to face fears, to accept what cannot be changed; and these images are the forums I chose to investigate this new growth. I believe they will provide the grounds which might instigate readers' own investigations into their experiences in a way that is direct and observable. These pieces are tied together with my symbolism of what interacts with the head, i.e. hats, which directly discuss my ways of thinking. The bathing caps (as seen in a consistent number of pieces) aim to reveal my sadness, anger, and frustrations which I have meticulously kept under wrap- the environments interact accordingly. The bugs are my way of identifying what it is to love someone else who also has struggles with their mental well-being. We are both insects in a way, studied, prodded, a bit uncomfortable, but aware of each other.

On the subject of Intaglio

Intaglio is one of the oldest forms of printmaking, originating from Italy during the 1430’s. This technique of printing is also known as Etching, where a metal plate is covered with a hard-ground (made of asphaltum and beeswax) and the artist draws on top of the plate with a sharp needle (a whistler’s needle). The needlework exposes the metal to the next element needed to create the image: nitric acid. The acid is what etches the lines drawn onto the plate creating troughs that the ink will fill, leaving anything that remains above these dipped lines absolutely blank. The printing process itself is one that is very ritualistic and physical and arguably meditative.

Dana Kamberg

Dana Kamberg is a junior studying Studio Arts with her emphasis in printmaking. She is currently exploring illustrative storytelling, and hopes to establish a zine where she can discuss, through image, her narrative with the hopes that it may resonate with others. She received the Eye Dazzler Endowment in April 2017 for her dedication and creative exploration in her work. She has also been involved in many filmmaking endeavors, and was part of the team who produced the winning 73 hour short film, Elephant Graveyard. When not developing new concepts for pieces or working on films, she enjoys reading about other artists’ creative processes and watching the Great British Baking Show.

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