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Carrie Bindschadler is a recent graduate who studied English and a smidgen of environmental sustainability. Currently, she is in the midst of getting an MFA in Creative Writing at Miami University (the one in Ohio where there is no such thing as sunshine and the shower water is always cold, not the one with the sandy beaches and the warmth). In her spare time, she travels as much as possible, getting lost almost everywhere she goes. Her favorite things include trees, desert tortoises, paint, Papermate Flair pens, and videos featuring baby elephants.  


Daniel Westbrook is currently pursuing an M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Oregon. In future graduate studies, he intends to work on issues of Social/Political philosophy (particularly race theory in the American context), Aesthetics, and Existential thought. His creative interests are in the essences of ambiguities, issues of belonging, narratives of personal failing, and how these ideas intersect with art.


Haley Schaub is an alum with a degree in English and Mandarin Chinese. Though neither degree has led her to much success yet, she hopes to continue pursuing her love of human vices, virtues, and addictions in her writing. Haley spends most of her days writing, reading, and harassing her dog. She's currently working on a novel that she hopes to have done by the summer 

James O'Leary is an undergraduate, majoring in Secondary Education: English and minoring in French. He enjoys playing music, doing nerdy things, and being outside when it snows. He mostly writes poetry, enjoying the subjects of gender, sexuality, and nature.  


Jeff Holdaway is an undergraduate studying the field of English. He spends most of his time working and going to school, but when time allows, focuses primarily on writing. He hopes to continue getting published in various magazines and online journals, and eventually release his own novel. He delves in both fiction and nonfiction, currently uncertain which genre should be his focus.  

Joy Marie Bulawa is an undergraduate English major studying Philosophy and German Studies on the side who hopes to someday become a serial student. She has lived in three states since she was born, but she is happy to say that Arizona is her favorite (so far). Joy hopes to receive her certificates in Literature and Creative Writing and maybe one day pursue her M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and her passion is for creative nonfiction and poetry. While studying in Flagstaff she hopes to make the most of the opportunity to live and write in such a beautiful city. This is her first publication. 


Katy Abbe is an enthusiastic, God-loving English student who cries when she sees cute puppies and puns like there’s no tomorrow. Crafting language into delightful images and embroidering smiles into stars gives her a sense of purpose. Her idol in the literary world is Hans Christian Andersen, and her dream is to care for furry tailed critters as she writes of poisoned apples and how love is the greatest kind of magic that shatters even the cruelest enchantments. 


Kellsey Jane transferred to NAU this fall from her home in Yuma, Arizona. She is a junior and is dual majoring in English and Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Queer Studies. Kellsey aspires to be an English professor with a focus on historical queer literature.  


Martha Garner is a recent graduate who studied Women’s and Gender Studies, Psychology, and Queer Studies. Martha’s research interests are nationhood and citizenship, sexuality and modernity, and media studies, so she would like to thank The Tunnels for making her first publication some combination of all three. Considering herself to be one of the most Virgo of all Virgos, Martha spends her free time plotting her next research endeavors and drinking copious amounts of caffeine. 

Rob Dixon is a Junior working towards a Bachelor in Secondary English Education. He spends most of his time working on classwork, and probably spends too much time playing video games. Despite this, Rob is an experienced writer, despite never being published; he hopes that he will be able to work with The Tunnels and publish more of his work in the future.  


Stella Elam is an undergraduate in her senior year who is studying Psychology and English, specifically creative writing. She currently works as a peer instructor in the University Writing Program, and attempts to impart her love of writing onto her students. When she’s not studying or writing papers, she enjoys finding art in every medium, whether that be a novel, a movie, or a video game. Some of her interests include vintage technology, dogs, unconventional literature, and developmental psychology. Stella plans to eventually earn her master’s in counseling so that she can work with teenagers struggling with mental illness. This is her first publication. 


Susie Shelton graduated with a degree in Creative Media and Film and emphasis in documentary studies. This background combined with a tendency to compulsively buy secondhand paperback poetry collections leads to short fiction writing that is inspired by cinema and poetry alike. She hopes to one day publish a collection of poetry and work a job with more prestige than fast food, maybe in the realm of music journalism or humanitarian aide. If that doesn’t work out, she hopes she can at least figure out how to keep a cat happy while living in an RV.  


Orion Redgrave is the pseudonym of Megan Dressler, an undergraduate English major and Advertising minor. Their poetry and fiction were featured in Young Authors of Arizona’s 2014 anthology Bloom. They are currently working on their project Curbside Romantics, which will be released as a biweekly online serial. In addition to writing, they enjoy watching hockey, playing video games, and making playlists. 

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