I am more than a pyre to stoke an ego on,


I will not allow others to take what I have earned,

                                    to steal what is rightfully mine.


I, a masterpiece,

              the pinnacle of human creation

I, a gift from the universe,

             just as worthy and able as any

I, with all my pride,

           will not stand by as I am shut away


I am a being all my own,

           full of your love and your light

I have earned my place among the stars

           and nobody will take that from me


I will not set myself on fire to prove my warmth.

Late night talks with my heart 1


Late night talks with my heart 2

Bear patiently, my heart,

Nothing compares to the pain of healing yourself, but

You have suffered heavier things.


This burdensome day will surely end,

Soon the load will lighten. You will beat again.

Bear patiently, my heart.


Do not let our ache destroy you,

Hold on, dear heart,

You have suffered heavier things.


This sorrow, it is deep and it is true,

But the pain will end, the sun will rise again.

Bear patiently, my heart.


Do not forget the little joys,

Moments when the skies are bright, and remember,

You have suffered heavier things.


The world is heavy, this I know,

And sunrise feels forever away, but please,

Bear patiently, my heart,

For we have suffered heavier things.

The truth

How are you doing?


I’m drowning.

           I’m floundering.

                          oh well,

this is how we teach our children to swim,



            I think it’s time for me to learn, too


warring heart

Loving me is like going to war:

You will not return the same.


My world is loud

No moments to breathe, nothing to myself

I may seem like a vacation destination,

But so many things here are only illusions,

Brought forth by desperation

And a burning need

For at least one peaceful moment of quiet

In this loud shouting world,

But do not take me lightly


When the bombs begin to drop

I will not be the one caught in crossfire

I will turn you inside out, break you, ruin you, make a monster out of you,

            I promise.


When you leave the war,

You will not be the same

For having loved me.


Mandi howard

Mandi Howard is a sophomore at NAU studying Political Science with a double minor in Public Relations and Mandarin Chinese. Her hobbies include watching movies, particularly foreign thrillers/horror, and crocheting/sewing. She has been published in The Tunnels once before.
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